Thursday, October 23, 2003

Rumsfeld Memo HOAX!
Update (Friday, Oct 24): Looks like someone on the Editorial/OpEd pages at the NY Times saw things the way I did. I wonder why such a huge percentage of the rest of the press just bought it. I guess they are sheep! --- I can't believe that no one in the media seems to even question the legitimacy of the fully-formed sentence memo that was supposedly "leaked," authored by Donald Rumsfeld. It's just propaganda, folks, it was obviously (to me) WRITTEN TO BE LEAKED. It basically just echoes the company line, more money, more time, more bold moves, more creative thought, we need more to pacify these recalcitrant Iraqis. It's also a bit of a stab at Condoleeza Rice and, not pointedly, at President Bush for putting Rice "in charge" (without overseeing anyone) of Iraq. And not a single news agency seems to have picked up on it. This snippet from the Charleston shows JUST HOW LUDICROUS the allegation that it was really "leaked" is...
The memorandum was sent to Gen. Richard B. Myers and Gen. Peter Pace, the chairman and vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff; to Paul Wolfowitz, the deputy defense secretary; and to Douglas J. Feith, the undersecretary for policy. Rumsfeld wrote that the document was a compilation of thoughts previously shared with regional combatant commanders.
Is someone actually suggesting one of those 4 guys leaked it? GET REAL! IS THERE SOMEONE OUT THERE WHO ISN'T A MORON! PLEASE DROP ME AN E-MAIL!

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