Tuesday, October 28, 2003

A Plot to Send America Into Crisis
Paul Krugman recently confirmed what a friend(name withheld till I contact him) had told me about the Conservative strategy for ending Social Security, Welfare, Unemployment Insurance, et cetera. According to my friend, David Stockman (President 40's Office of Management and Budget Director) wrote about this strategy in the mid 1980s. According to Paul Krugman, fascist flaks like Heritage Foundation and whatever fraudulent name Grover Norquist's group goes by, use this phrase most often.. "starve the beast." Now, what these dimwitted numbskulls can't accomplish legally (i.e. Constitutionally) they hope to acheive via a CRISIS. THEY ARE TRYING TO FORCE AMERICA INTO A CRISIS. What these evil motherfuckers, most of whom never earned their money, are HOPING is that when their HOPED FOR CRISIS occurs they will be 1. Able to Control It and0 2. In Charge at the Time. Both are entirely specious assumptions. These people, closely linked to the White House, are traitors to America.

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