Sunday, October 05, 2003

I sure wish Paul Wolfowitz and his band of nitwits would understand that. The "Leviathan" is the pre-eminent power in a global arena, a term used by Thomas Hobbes in his work "Leviathan" (movie is totally unrelated). Imagine if no other country had nukes, and not even a decent sized army, and the whole missile question (and space/satellite) question was moot because America owned them all. Well, then, America would be the Leviathan. Most nitwits in American Politics already think we are. Now, since the Leviathan acts without consulting others, it is dictatorial. That's just a given. However, there have been benevolent dictators in the past. But, unlike Silvio "Il Duce" Berlusconi, I don't think Benito Mussolini was one of them(Berlusconi recently said that, as quoted in the West Australian)

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