Monday, October 20, 2003

GOP Strikes Against Iowa
Who are the GOP candidates running for President as Democrats? Joe Lieberman and Wesley Clark. The DLC is just a Republican-Lite group (like "third way" Labour in Britain, or most of Aussie Labour) The media are kissing his ass, because he is pro-fascist-media-baron (Why else do media support candidates?). It's totally pathetic. Now, both of these right wing tools are attempting to discredit the Iowa Caucus, which, in Democrat circles has always been more liberal than the New Hampshire nuts (and certainly more liberal than South Carlolina, the new early primary State). The Right is getting away with, or just getting, everything they want, and no one can argue it is either
  1. Christmas
  2. they have been good
I hope Dean starts working outside New Hampshire and Iowa to win. (UPDATE: Looks like he is definitely going to win in NH, and won't do worse than #2 in SC or Iowa) Thanks to Politizine for the links. And thanks, of course, to Blogger, for democratizing the press.

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