Monday, October 27, 2003

The most provable of the many lies
Bush and his cronies did a lot of misleading, suggesting tons of things without actually saying them. These are some lies which are simply false, and any half-acked journalist should have plugged away at the lies at that time. Instead, they all just polished their kneepads, fearing to be out of the loop for the impending ratings boost, ahem, I mean war. President G. Walker Bush, Rose Garden, October 2, 2002: "The regime has the scientists and facilities to build nuclear weapons and is seeking the materials needed to do so." This is obviously a lie for the reason that they do not have the facilities. President G. Walker Bush, Cincinnati, Ohio, October 7, 2002: "Before being barred from Iraq in 1998, the International Atomic Energy Agency dismantled extensive nuclear weapons-related facilities, including three uranium-enrichment sites." You can go to the IAEA website and see that they were there in January, 2002, in January 2001, and in January 2000. So why is he saying they were barred in 1998? Everyone worth their salt should know that it was US anti-Iraq stooge Richard Butler who pulled the UN out right before Clinton's idiotic Desert Fox campaign. G. Walker Bush doesn't even care to check on the bullshit that people put in his mouth. The POINT was to start this war.

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