Thursday, October 23, 2003

Bush, Imperator
We all know Karl Rove repeatedly links Bush and himself to the teamup of McKinley and Hanna. There may be vain reasons for doing that (probably the most famous campaign manager of the day, ergo, Rove would like to bring it up, being a campaign manager himself) but there are also real parallels, including, but not limited to..
  • massive fund-raising, nevertofore seen
  • the most bitterly partisan period in US history
  • the terrible election of 1888, where the popular winner (whom I like better even than FDR, Stephen Grover Cleveland) was defeated in the Electoral College
  • incredible corporate board access to US Congress
  • A war, based on lies, trumpeted non-stop as a just cause by the media barons (Hearst, and, early on, Pulitzer)
But wait, there's more! Evil Imperator Bush has recently declared that the Phillipines would be the model for the "rebuilding" (raping) of Iraq. That means we can add...
  • A six year long pacification campaign against a people who might someday surrender, but can never forgive the numbers of them we kill to make them free
Here's a little extra history lesson for all you Filipino Insurrection buffs... from Mind Fully It's a new American Imperialism, folks, brought to you in part by FOX and CNN, run by the biggest MORON this country has ever had for President.

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