Sunday, October 05, 2003

How to Win, a short Guide for President G. Walker Bush
First, launch a war. Then, when that country starts to go down in flames, launch another war. Then, when that country starts to go down in flames, get involved in a petty scandal about revealing the name of a single CIA officer. Now, of course what Bush&Co did to Mr. Wilson's wife, Ms.(?) Plame, was a petty, vindictive and illegal act. But the partisan aspect of it makes it seem to me that the PETTINESS is what is significant. Who gives a fuck about the 10s of thousands of innocents human lives Bush has ended in fiery destruction, let's worry about things when they attack a Democrat! For, in fact, that is what Mr. Wilson and Ms. Plame are, in addition to being a weapons expert and a CIA operative, respectively. How does one, as a fascist news source, trivialize the news? Cover only the aspects which touch on the sensibilities of the Democrats and Republicans. Give a big FUCK YOU to stories about tens of thousands murdered innocents. Or, just skip this story, about the massive insider dealings going on in Iraq, involving billions of dollars. No, go ahead, just cover the outing of one CIA agent. Ignore the link I have done several times before, of massive overcharging in Iraq by Halliburton (a division of BushCo). SEND AHMED CHALABI TO JAIL! SEND BUSH/CHENEY TO IRAQ FOR LIFE! Everyone in the media seems very stupid to me, or connivingly smart. Either way, they should be fired, or sent back to the mail room. Hey, I'm a Fascist! Let me buy up all your newspapers and then tell you what is going on! This is all so painful for me, everyone's ignorance.

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