Monday, October 20, 2003

The Ashcroft Affair
This one, gentlefolk, is going to be good. Remember the Anthrax attacks? That was paranoia time for us living in NYC, rest assured. Everyone was pretty well glued to some internet site, trying to get the pattern, and, hence, determine their probable victimhood. Remember the victims? There were basically three sets. Powerful Democrats in Washington D.C., Senators Thomas Daschle and Patrick Leahy, powerful (putatively) liberal news anchor people in New York City, and, what we all thought odd at the time, American Media, the main owner of the weird subculture of US newspapers, the supermarket tabloid. Now, John Ashcroft, favorite of the John Birch Society and top 1990s terrorist organization anti-choice groups, was in charge of the investigation, which, as you can well imagine, went nowhere. In a fashion entirely reminiscent of the deaths of Clifford? Baxter in Sugarland (home district of Tom DeLay), and the twice occuring deaths of pro-choice Senatorial candidates three weeks before election time in plane crashes(Carnahan(running against Ashcroft) in 2000 and Wellstone in 2002), the person in charge of fighting the criminals was probably looking for his most ardent supporters. AMI has since proceeded to begin buying up reputable journals. Also in this timeline is a large layoff of AMI employees. Talking to them should prove interesting. I wonder if there was a political motivation to any of the layoffs. Anyway, they also are making a point of laying off right wingers with their scandal-mongering, according to the LA Times. Cast of characters so far:
  • AMI Chairman, David J. Pecker
OK, it's not much so far, but it smacks of the truth to me. Especially since I am now reading John Pilger's account of the CIA coup in Australia in 1975. The CIA is truly a despicable agency. Well, it looks like AMI was doing the mass acquiring before the anthrax attacks, and that Mr. Pecker was with AMI then.

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