Sunday, October 05, 2003

Israel attacks Syrian land target
I read many stories on this issue, and the ONLY ONE WORTH ITS WEIGHT is this one from the Malaysian Star. None of the other articles mention that this is the first attack in 30 years (-1 day) on Syrian soil. None of the other articles mention that Gaza had been divided into four sections, and movement has basically been stopped between the sections. The American Media is lazy, and cares nothing for any situation in the Middle East except the preservation of Israel. OK, this article from MSNBC (which often carries unusual stories) adds the family angle, and a bio of the lady who blew herself up. Her brother, it seems, was killed recently by an Israeli air assault. Three Cheers to Malaysia, a Republic, for their news coverage. Although, even that article ends with a listing of Israeli dead by suicide attacks, with no mention of innocent Palestinian dead from Israeli military attacks. They often call Israelis "innocents" but, for the record, there is UNIVERSAL CONSCRIPTION in Israel, meaning EVERY ADULT (outside a few ultra-orthodox, who get many special privileges in Israel, including the right not to serve in the military) in Israel is a military target. Every single one.

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