Monday, October 06, 2003

How Much Golf Does He Play?
Here he is, again, playing golf. I guess everything must be honky dory over there in Iraq (which he is now President of, if he stopped to think about it). Everything you heard was wrong. According to what I just read, the total number of human rights violations (deaths by Saddam) in pre-War Iraq was measured in the scores, not even the hundreds, per year. This was in the 1999-2002 period, not during our Bay of Camels operation or the US inspired crackdown on the US inspired uprisings of the Kurds and Shi'a after the 1991 Iraq War. That means AMERICA (led by then-Governor G. Walker Bush and brother Jebediah) KILLED MORE OF THEIR OWN PER YEAR THAN SADDAM HUSSEIN KILLED IRAQIS. From a Human Rights Watch report that I will find for you soon.