Monday, October 20, 2003

My Suspicions, Further
I've already stated that I believe Gen. Wesley Clark is running for President for the Republican Party (OK, maybe it is really the DLC, Republicans-Lite), because they realize that G. Walker Bush is not going to win re-election. I also believe that a meeting held between Howard Dean and Clark included a conversation suggesting that if Clark lost, he would happily be Dean's Vice-President. Adding these two together implies that a Dean/Clark victory in 2004 would spell a short lifespan for Mister Dean. I believe that right-wing extremist groups, or people posing as them and actually working for people behind the scenes in Government, would off Dean as soon as reasonable. That is why I support a Dean/Graham ticket, and part of the reason, I suspect, Graham withdrew was in fact pressure from these same groups (who saw a Dean/Graham ticket as both potentially winning AND less alterable via assassination).

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