Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Taiwan and China
Looks like the US has finally turned its back entirely on its spirit, and now is kneeling before China to prove it has no ill intentions to re-unification with Taiwan. Background: In 1949, at the end of the Civil War in China (which mostly ended up being between the Nationalists led by Chang Kai-Shek and the Communists led by Mao Tse-Tung) the Nationalists had lost, and withdrew their forces and money to the Island of Formosa, where they reconstituted their government, and have been ruling ever since. Taiwan has always held that it is the rightful ruler of "China," as the "People's Republic" government claims that Formosa is theirs, and they reserve the right to use force to take it. Both sides have been ruling their own lands for more than half a century now, and neither has any practical experience in governing the other. The roots of the matter, like much in China, are not so fresh. In the fight against the Japanese in World War II, China was America's friend. There were a few Chinese armies that had helped the United States fight off the Japanese, but, for reasons that hardly need explaining today, President Truman rejected allying himself with Mao's Communists, and instead chose Chang Kai-Shek and the Kuomintang. Kai-Shek, who controlled very little of China when his original outreach to America began, showed Truman a map and said "This is China, the US and this China will be friends and fight Japan, and this will be China." Truman, not knowing any better(?), not believing that Chang could pull off such a conquest(?), gave the plan a thumb's up. The trick here is that the map Chang showed Truman was never a map of China, it was the map of the greatest historical expansion of what should probably be called Manchuria (the people living in the Northeast Corner of modern China) who ruled over the Chinese (Han) for a long time, a long time ago. This is like a Frenchman giving Truman a map of the Roman Empire and saying "See, all this used to be ours, help me get it back." Americans tend to kiss Chinese ass for cheap "goods," and, this short exchange proves Bush (and the current American establishment) has no interest in Republicanism, nor in Popular rule. In fact, the cheap goods are the "sop" for the masses, to keep them contented. Chinese Government Warns Taiwanese Officials Not To Talk to US Officials(I can't believe it, myself) Here is a harsher take on the warning from the Chinese press, which refers to "Separtist" Taiwan (Remember, Mao's forces never took the Island, so, it has never been under PRC rule). Then, on basically the same day, we have Sec Def Donald Rumsfeld (probably not a busy guy at all, with only two wars to fight) meeting with the Chinese Defense Minister. US obsequiessness to China? That's my guess.

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