Thursday, November 03, 2005

Buy A Share of the Truth

     This blog, to the best recollection of our extra-legal staffers, has never made a stock endorsement before.

     Thanks to a blog post from De Magno Opere I learn about GOP plans to destroy Knight-Ridder.

     Knight-Ridder is not perfect, but they have been doing a lot of the best reporting on Iraq.  They are one of America's best friends.

     This graph shows they are below their five year high (i.e. you won't be buying at the top).

     The real question is timing.  10 minutes ago a second "major" shareholder announced that he is going to try to force Knight Ridder to sell itself.  Buy.  One share involves opening a brokerage account and buying one share.  Make sure to explain to your broker that the truth is worth investing in.  Sell all your other major media holdings except the Washington Post company. 

     Death By A Thousand Cuts

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