Saturday, November 12, 2005

Lack of Updates, Lately

     Well, luckily, there has not been much changing.  The death knell for rash and populist politics is the lack of news of momentous import. 

     However, I have three things on the burner currently, and when not working on those, I am reading out-of-copyright books and taking notes. 

     Copyright, for those who don't know, is "Mickey Mouse + 20 years" at all times, and the fact that Disney and ABC form one of the major media outlets in the country is entirely unrelated.

     In comic news, apparently the soccer star George Weah, the losing candidate in Liberia's most recent Presidential election, according to China's People's Daily, in response to a demonstration by his supporters alleging fraud...

"The party is not aware of the demonstration," Sam Quiah, spokesman for Weah told Xinhua. "Ambassador Weah has urged our supporters to Remain Calm."

     He failed, however, to provide the URL.

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