Friday, November 18, 2005

House Vote on Iraq Pullout Today

     Debate probably sometime after 5pm (maybe at 6pm) and the vote is expected an hour later.  Republicans are near unanimous in their support.  Six House Republicans (all far right) and 126+1 Democrats voted against the war in the first place.  It will be interesting to see how much the change there has been.

     That's right, 30 minutes per side on Iraq, but days and days for a spending bill that will save $50 billion over five years. 

     I am not a partisan Democrat.  I respect intelligent Republicans, independent Republicans, and reasonable ones.  Senator Specter is one of the most reasonable members of Congress, in my opinion.  Senators Grassley and Shelby, Hagel and Lugar all have issues which make them stand out as champions of America.  But on more important issues there are Democrats who speak the truth, and the truth is important. 

     I notice a much greater attachment to the truth from the Democrats.

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