Monday, November 21, 2005

Tip to James Bamford!

     I've asked several times, where does this al-Hadeiri come from?  Can we bring him up on charges of treason in America.  In Iraq?  This was a garbage human who lied and said he personally had worked on secret underground bio-chem labs inside Iraq.  He, like Chalabi and anyone else who knowingly lied or knowingly kept themselves ignorant, should be in jail.  They are traitors, along with the people who knowingly helped them along.  This was not, it should be clear, about oral sex.

     So, it looks like James Bamford, author of the relatively dry "The Puzzle Palace" and the great "Body of Secrets" (both about the NSA and spying) has information published in Rolling Stone about al-Hadeiri which brings a lot to light to the situation.

     Importantly, the CIA knew al-Hadeiri was lying from the start.  Not less importantly, the Executive branch paid someone to advertise his claims.  Treason, I'm afraid, is any number of things, including these acts.

     UPDATE: Also from ThinkProgress, this time from their comments sections, someone has posted a link to the Rendon Group's response.  I see quite clearly that it is carefully avoiding saying some things, and flat out denying things that it was never accused of, but for sake of completeness, here you go.

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