Friday, November 18, 2005

State Politics Update

     I've connected with the local city Democrats, the regional Democrats, and the State Democrats.  I signed up for the State Republicans newsletter, too.  Eh.

     I met the four State Representatives for my city, and I was reasonably impressed with three of them.  2004 was the first time in New Hampshire history that this little city has sent all Democrats to the State House.  Our five term Representative was particularly good on the toughest issues, namely, the budget.  She had led the fight for a tax cut, too.  I'll hopefully be putting her excellent summary of the 2005 session of the New Hampshire State House, the third largest deliberative body in the English speaking world (400 members).

     I hope to be working with the Regional Democrat group putting up the House Session review as soon as everyone else gets around to letting me do it up right.

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