Monday, November 21, 2005

Cheney's Head So Full Of Shit It Explodes!

     Bush to pick new Vice President soon.  Large fight over who gets to be in charge of committee (wink wink) to pick the new Veep. 

     No, really, Cheney asks two questions of all people who might want a "sudden" withdrawal of troops. 
Question One:
Would you want al-Zawahiri, Abu Musab Zarqawi and Usama bin-Laden in charge of Iraq?
Answer One:
Is he for real?  There are many factions which might take over in Iraq if the US leaves.  Most likely, the Iranian-sympathetic factions in charge now would stay in charge.  If not, perhaps a Sunni dictator, or, just maybe, they would continue having elections and have the current style of government they do.  This was an easy question, since no one in Iraq is going to vote for Usama bin-Laden, and he wasn't even on the ballot, and he fucking doesn't have the wherewithal to take over.

Question Two:
Would you want Iraq ruled by men (yes, he says "men") intent on the destruction of America?
Answer Two:
I think the answer here is the same as above. 

     So, if that's Cheney's big problem is how to answer those questions, would anyone want to forward these answers to him?

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