Monday, November 07, 2005

WIIIAI Tidbits
  • Awful, illiberal, anti-Republican National Security Letters.
  •   If you have any doubt at all, any doubt in the slightest, it is ChoicePoint, heroes of the 2004 voter roll purge for the Racists in Florida, who are supplying a lot of the data.
  • If America picks a used car salesman to manage a BILLION dollars in Iraq military contracts, it is the US which is guilty of corruption, not the Iraqi.  Someone joked with me "Didn't he know Halliburton has the sole source contract for corruption in Iraq?"
  • Why not charge all protestors with being sex offenders?  Lifetime monitoring, mandatory registration, this is something that any adminstration, no matter what political creed, needs for its enemies. 

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