Wednesday, November 02, 2005

War on America

     The Bush administration and the Pentagon's "War on America" continues unabated. 

     Here is al-Jazeera's take on the Washington Post's report confirming the long alluded-to (e.g. May 10, 2004, Dec 26, 2002) secret detention facilities.

     Donald Rumsfeld, asked if he had anything to do with the Wilson brush-up had this to say (transcript from WIIIAI)

I -- how would I know if I ever spoke about it with the vice president over five years? I don’t recall speaking it -- with him about it, and I don’t recall the department being involved. Is it possible? I mean, my goodness, that’s -- that question is such a -- it’s -- what is that game? Fish. Give me all your sevens or something. I mean, that’s not for me.

     In light of these statements, the Department of Defense is instituting a new policy:
UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE: The Secretary of Defense does not have time to take from his day for press conferences during which he will be asked questions which you, the reporter, don't already know the answers.

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