Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Neo-Con Suggests: Europe Needs White, Christian Martyrs

     Among the "classic" neo-con documents of evil, "A Clean Break" ranks highly according to many accounts, and it was co-drafted by IASPS and famous neo-cons.  IASPS, described here by RightWeb, was founded by Richard Loewenberg, current President, but has had Richard Perle, Doug Feith, and current Cheney Aide David Wurmser connections.  It is a think tank based in Israel with offices in DC, which has a truly bloodthirsty, pro-tyrannical, primitive and undeniably criminal ideology. 

     IASPS's own website and activities are greatly toned down, and that article I quote below is actually from June, a review of a book that I discussed earlier here, but it is just so awful, I thought I'd wave their besmirched, militarist standard in the air.

     What does this review say?  Here's a simple paragraph near the top

Considering this general overview of Europe and Mr. Weigel’s book, one might say that all of the predicates and propositions are right –the indicators are down; the Muslims are up; the great question at the heart of it all is if Europe is still committed to democracy and human rights.

and where does it go from here?  It points out the problem.
The next step is to focus what is posed by Weigel, that is if Europe is "still committed to democracy and human rights." The answer is: It is. But this is why the indicators are down, and the Muslims are up. As for the Elites, the relativistic and postmodern side of the struggle for Europe’s soul, they maintain today what they have maintained for most of the last century, if not since Robespierre. What we hear today, from George Soros and across the range of his benefactors, we heard from countless European (and American) communists, Nazis and liberals as recounted in books such as Hannah Arendt’s Origins of Totalitarianism
(emphasis mine)
Yes, the Elites who support democracy and human rights, go back to the murderous, anti-democratic and anti-human rights Terrorist Robespierre.  In addition, George Soros, who funded the pro-democracy movements in E. Europe (Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, and others) is, in fact, sounds just like the Communists and the Nazis.  Exactly how?  Check these killers out...
As for Mr. Weigel’s proposal that “modernized…Christendom” take the reins of this democracy and commitment to human rights, this reflects Christendom's failure to see that human rights, as the reason for Europe’s decline, is not a bad thing but a good thing. The sooner we face that we live today in the occasion of Europe’s last chance do we grasp it is also Christendom’s last chance. How much better it would be for everyone, except the Elites and the Muslims, if the Church (and any other Christians ready for the real struggle) would turn its hand to re-fashioning the old brand of Christendom. The most important assignments, in effect a single one, is to stop the Muslims "poised to fill the population gap" by filling Europe with the bodies of dead, white Christians. Taking up this assignment is part and parcel of Christendom’s stopping the Elites from encouraging this looming bloodbath of Christians on the horizon, in effect by democracy and human rights. [...] But exactly a human rights and democracy Christianity will hasten, I would say it will assure, the fall of Europe to the Muslims, and the fall of Christianity simply. (America, now in multicultural free-fall, will be lost at that point.)
(italics in original, bold mine)

     Human rights are causing Europe's decline, and this is a good thing.  Christian martyrs must begin dying in the streets to stop the Muslim invasion.  The elites are encouraging this bloodbath (NOT IASPS!) by their adherence to democracy and human rights.


     In conclusion, IASPS says...

Applied science and its reciprocal adjunct which is democracy are not good things for man. The ancients knew and predicted applied science would mean universal and perpetual tyranny. It’s already far more than this for the ancients could not have guessed the gambit of destroying teleology to unfix Being itself.  Having now brought forth teeming populations as toys of the Elites, men debate the terms of existence themselves, a regular thing set in motion and continued in it by nothing more thoughtful than insensate recourse to a manipulation of genitalia in Solitary Beings from birth to old age and death. For all our now unceasing triumphalism and blind faith in Science and democracy (Applied Science), they are instruments of ontological disfigurement unknown to our times. Democracy and science are going to die on their own in any case, driven by our own Elites now bound with Muslim terror --a world menace to be sure

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