Wednesday, November 23, 2005

The Enemy, the Caliphate, The Lie

     Richard Perle, Frank Gaffney, and a host of less well known terror-war-pundits say that the enemy, the terrorists, the evil ones are trying to establish a Caliphate, a new Islamic Theocratic state across the Muslim world. 

     Now, it is a fact that some people want this.  Some people in the English speaking world want the same thing.  In America they call themselves Dominionists, and they want the Bible to be the ultimate law of the land, ahead of the Constitution.  Other people do not want that, but they do want the Bible to be used, wherever possible to influence the law and dictate social norms.  These theocratically minded Christians don't actually support Dominionists, but they are likely more sympathetic to them than to a vocal supporter of a strict separation of Church and State

     Conflating "the enemy" with the Caliphists, the Islamic Dominionists, is like confusing the political born-again christians in America, a numerous and powerful faction, with the Dominionists, a fringe group with no (?open?) federal officials elected.  It is fraud.  It is the new lynchpin of the argument of Richard Perle and Frank Gaffney and other so-called neo-conservatives.  It is fraud. 

     In fact, 100s of millions of Muslims and Arabs are angry at America in particular, and the West in general, for a variety of reasons.  100s of millions of muslims and arabs see a problem in Israel.  100s of millions of muslims and arabs see a problem in Iraq.  100s of millions of people see a problem with the way the powerful governments of the world deal with tyrants.  I suspect that a muslim or arab who sees these things as problems is going to be more sympathetic to those who do battle against the West, with words or worse, than those who would kiss and chat and do business. 

     Do Caliphists exist?  Certainly they do, as certainly as do Dominionists.  But are they the main problem?  They aren't a major or powerful or serious faction.

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