Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Evil GOP Scum

     Trains are far more efficient in terms of oil usage.  Oil usage is a problem.  Here is a chart I made of oil usage.  Here is an article for the IHT

But a funny thing has happened. David Gunn, the president of Amtrak, was fired last week by a new Amtrak board of directors, all conservative Republican businessmen despite a requirement that there be a mix of Republicans and Democrats on the board. Not a single member of the board, recently appointed by President George W. Bush, had any railroad experience.

Oddly, Gunn was on his way to see the board chairman, David Laney, when he was fired. He came to see Laney with good news, but he never got to deliver it: Amtrak was doing better than ever; ridership was up, and the deficit was declining.

     It is the GOP agenda to smash Amtrak. 

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