Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Anyone Want To Help?

     I need a volunteer to help get the numbers on the current BRAC bill.  The bill will (likely?) be amendable in the Senate, and, in any event, there ought to be an overall view of the process.  I plan to present it graphically.

     Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to take some number of the pages of the Bill Text and produce them in a regular format.  Something like...
Ch|Sec|Sub|Unit |From |To
1 |10 |a |air defense artillery units |unknown |Fort Sill, OK
1 |10 |a |1st Armored Division |Germany, Korea |Fort Bliss, TX
1 |10 |a |various echelon above division units |Germany, Korea |Fort Bliss, TX

     Any takers?  It's a massive bill, which will cost 2,400,000,000 dollars to implement, and might save close to 50,000,000,000 dollars (net present value) over twenty years.

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