Sunday, August 07, 2005

C-SPAN Follows This With

     Clinton Bashing!  Will Clinton bashing ever get stale?  Don't ask C-SPAN!

     HOLY PARTISANSHIP, Batman, this Clinton basher is moving to lead the Washington Post's National News division (if I heard that correctly.)  So, this anus-gazer will now be in large part responsible for shaping American opinion.

     UPDATE: This author, John Harris, a Washington Post reporter, is basically critical of WJ Clinton, but not, in fact, anywhere near the level of a Limbaugh.  He seems quite fair, but the interviewer is obviously much more from the Clinton-bashing perspective.  To a great degree, it was the interviewer's introduction that shaped the above post. 

     UPDATE2:  Although it will start at 9pm on a Sunday, C-SPAN plans to air extensive stuff with Syria's Ambassador tonight.  Therefore, while everyone is still paying attention, they must air right-wing, coup-mongering stuff.  It's only fair, right?

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