Tuesday, August 09, 2005

  • H and WJ Clinton and A Gore, Jr have associates now working for Rupert Murdoch to help Fox and News Corp fight the Nielsen ratings.  At least they have honor!  Fox is claiming that the meters are racist even though they show massive increases for channels like BET.  My guess? Murdoch has been gaming the paper diary system.
  • Hedge Funds, which are a basically a formalized system for rich people avoiding the regulations poorer investors must follow, have been alleged to be paying doctors for what seems to amount to "insider trading" information.  Senator C Grassley, Republican of Iowa, is on the case.  The SEC apparently had heard and was thinking of investigating.  Hedge Fund legislation is only one step to stopping the increasing control of rich people over our lives (tip: the Arnie Arnesen show). 
  • Already "private placements" are gaining on Hedge Funds for market share.  A private placement involves a company skipping regulations as long as they pitch their investment speeches to no more than 35 non-millionaire investors.  You read that right.  As long as you don't try to sell to more than 35 people who don't have $1,000,000 in assets (or earn more than $200,000/year) you can file under Regulation D.  Don't worry, even though you can't advertise, you can hire a hedge fund to find rich clients for you.  Remember, not more than 35 non-elites, please! (inadvertent tip to a magazine called "Inc.", who actually thinks is great news).

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