Monday, August 29, 2005

The Frauds in the Florida Legislature

     In Florida, they recently passed a "Jessica Lunsford" law, which is a reform of Florida law.  It increases and decreases penalties related to sex crimes against people under twelve years of age.

     This is, at least, the fourth time in the last 25 years that Florida has changed its sexual predation laws.  This is apparent when you review the actual text of the act, in lines 390-406.  But the fact that this legislature, over and over again, keeps changing its mind is not the most insane part of the Florida criminal code.

     I will make a small table of crimes, to show you how insane their priorities are.

Line (from Act) Felony Degree Crime
440LifeSex offenses against people under 12
5391stTheft from someone over 65
5611stCocaine trafficking, from one to seven ounces
5421stCarjacking without a weapon
4472ndFiring a missile into a building
4452ndThrowing a bomb into a public place
5292ndTurning someone under 16 into a prostitute

     So, in Florida, firing a missile into a building, or throwing a bomb into a mall, is less of a crime than theft from someone older than 65.

     In Florida, if they can prosecute trafficking in one ounce of cocaine, it is a worse offense than turning a 13 year old girl into your prostitute.

     These people are crazy!  They are pandering to their constituents and ignoring all common sense.  Throwing a bomb into a mall isn't worse than selling one ounce of cocaine?  I'm not for legalization of cocaine, but I can't believe it is that bad.

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