Sunday, August 21, 2005

I'm a Battler

     I battle on the soon-to-be-defunct Chrenkoff's blog.

     One guy there called me a "one man comment insurgency."

     I battle on at least one other blog, I have another I'm working on, and another couple under consideration.

     I hate the head-nodding agreement of the propaganda machine of the current government in America.  I'd rather have a battle than this status quo.

     My recommendation?  Pick a blog.


Q: What blog should I pick?
A: You want something that interests you, of course.  I wouldn't recommend LGF or the Freep, but sometimes a poignant message there can be better than elsewhere.
Q: Do I respond to commenters, or just the blog posts?
A: I imagine that to gain the respect of the commenters, you are going to have to battle them first.  If they respond directly to you (with the respect you deserve) than it will probably be best to respond.  Show them you know your shit.  School them.  However, some of these morons will never learn, and never stop harassing you with stupidities.  In that case, you have to evolve to deal with them.
Q: Why do you do it?  What was your plan?
A: The people who spread these lies are of a variety of sorts.  Many of them simply lack many pertinent facts, and rely on partisan outfits for information.  That, and the fact that the Democrat Party doesn't do all that much educating of the electorate, either.  It might be nice to have a President who was Educator-in-Chief, but we don't, and we likely won't.  These liars must be countered at the stem, they must be made to feel uncomfortable, to make sure they know not everyone is a chorus of Yes-Men, and not every one is a dupe.  That said, don't play every card you have.  Save something in reserve, if only to make sure you are you.
Q: Well, thanks for the interview...
A: Why you cheezy motherfucker..
[ A Fight Ensues ]

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