Sunday, August 07, 2005

Republican Party War Mongering

     Feckless, weak American leadership is leading us to nuclear Armageddon with Iran according to Kenneth Timmerman, author of "Countdown to Crisis."  Kenneth Timmerman relies extensively on the plea bargain deal with an ex-UBL associate.  According to Timmerman, if we had only listened to this one guy, we could have stopped the 1996 embassy bombing in Kenya and Tanzania.  He says that the intelligence community HID all relations between Iran and al-Qaeda.  That's right, Timmerman is saying the US intelligence community is protecting Iran.  Probably because al-Qaeda and the Iranian government control the CIA.  I mean, what other logic could their be?  He also claims the Iranian government was the government to help arrange 9/11.  Timmerman is a nut.  He wants us to incite the Iranian people to revolt.  He wants us to arm them with guns to overthrow the Iranian government.  He says the recent elections were a total rejection of clerical rule.  "Never has regime change been so ... vital."  He calls Iran a "virtual nuclear weapons state."  "Virtual," of course, because they are NOT a nuclear weapons state, although he believes it has.  What evidence?  None.  He says John Kerry is helping the Iranians stay in power.  "Go figure," he says. 

     This guy is a fuckwit who says the Iranians rigged the election.  Why does this fuckwit think that, when their guy didn't even get to the second round?  He claims the Iranians who counted the votes rigged things.  He doesn't seem to have the slightest CLUE about nuclear bombs.

     This guy is so unbelievably fuct.  His only saving grace is that he doesn't want to go for all out war.  Listen to this guy talk about Israel!  What is emerging in Europe is the deep-rooted, ancient anti-semitism.  Well, fucknut, aren't most Americans Europeans in origin?  Yes.  So, is it Europe's soil, or drinking water?  Don't be such a idiot! 

     Even though the intelligence community recent came out saying it would ten years before Iran got a bomb, he thinks we can't wait 18 months, and says "you can't assume they do not have one now."  Unfreakingbelievable.

     He says that when Porter Goss said that he had an "excellent idea" where UBL was, that he meant Iran.

     Crown Forum published this, and they are effectively committing treason against the United States.

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