Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Why Is Bush Hiding Abortion Statistics?

     To an amazing degree, the recent Republican electoral success can't be grossly pinned on morality or values.  I sincerely doubt that most Christians are in any way more moral than most everyone else.  In fact, I'm sure they aren't.

     The source of the electoral success is demon Democrats, who like Hitler before them, have killed roughly 40,000,000 innocent people in their "death camps," also known as abortutuaries.  With over 1,000,000 abortions per year (about 10,000/year in the second half of pregnancy) and over 32 years since Roe, the "abortion industry" is doing a slower, but equally deadly job as the author of Mein Kampf, as the founder of Planner Parenthood, Margaret "Hitler" Sanger, undoubtedly intended.

     Most Democrats now supporting legal abortion are, in fact, in the pay of the incredibly lucrative "abortion industry."

     OK, OK, OK, this is insane crap.  The comparisons are repeated by nitwits, the Sanger stories are lies that are infecting the youth (see the link above), and Hitler's program was run by the government, and the government (at least since Roe) isn't involuntarily giving anyone an abortion.

     But that's what we are up against, a mass hysteria.  If one simply categorically declares that life begins at conception, then the "person's" life is taken without due process of law.  Earlier anti-abortion nitwits believed the whole person was contained in either a sperm or ovum.  The christian bible itself, long the tool of idiots worldwide, only comes close to the abortion matter in its whole text once, in Exodus 21:22.  Some varied translations are presented in the link (from pro-life perspective).

And when men fight and strike a pregnant woman and her children go forth, and there is no injury, he shall surely be fined as the husband of the woman may put upon him; and he shall give by the judges. But if there is injury, you shall give life for life, eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot, burn for burn, wound for wound, stripe for stripe.

     This obviously is talking about someone striking the woman, and has nothing to do with the decision of the mother, or parents, at all.  Parents are forced to kill their children if the children stike the parents (kicking in the womb, anyone?) or if the child curses the parents, Exodus 21:15 and 21:17, respectively. 

     None of that concerns what is obvious today, namely, GW Bush is hiding US abortion statisticsSince 1969, the CDC had been collecting and, soon thereafter, reporting on abortions and teen pregnancy.  Since 2000, both of those have stopped.  This link is to the main CDC births statistics page, offered for completeness.

     Glenn Stassen, a religious person, wrote an editorial suggesting that abortion rates increased.  Without what I would call due diligence, FactCheck.org rebutted this, exclusively relying on the Alan Guttmacher Institute (AGI), but who themselves rely on only somewhat limited data from 43 states. 

     The AGI acknowledges that the rate of decline in abortions slowed in 2001 and 2002, but, again, there is no data for 2003 or 2004 in their May 2005 report.  Regarding the number of states participating, they say "Because these abortion estimates are not based on a comprehensive census, they are subject to some limitations and should be considered provisional."

     Why is the Bush administration suppressing CDC abortion and teen pregnancy statistics?  I imagine Glenn Stassen jumped a little too eagerly at the truth, even though his reasoning was sound.  The ever worsening economic situations, he said, would obviously lead to more abortions. 

     Why are the pro-life nutjobs completely silent?  They are Bush's fools, the wind beneath his sails, bringing us to shores of blood and death.  Congratulations, religious conservatives!

     I was remiss in not mentiong the Didache.  it's place as a non-official biblical text is paralleled hereThis catholic site ends up giving it as much credence as certain of the gnostic gospels. It was definitely excised at some early date, for some reason, since it was only rediscovered in the late 1800s.

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