Sunday, August 07, 2005

To Round Out the Day

     A lightweight discussion of presidential retreats was followed by someone fawning over Arnold the GropenFührer and then another hour of Bernard Goldberg, author of Bias, discussing 100 people he hates.  What a fair and balanced day on C-SPAN's BookTV!  After all, Bush & Company won over 50% of the vote, and by modern Republican rules of the House, that means they are entitled to two/thirds of all committee funding.  The Democrats were never completely even with the committee budgets, either, but they were far more in line with reality.  I wonder if the anti-Iran thing didn't count as a "Democrat" thing now.  The Democrats are mostly just as stupid as the Republicans on Israel and the Middle East.  Where far right wingers want a total hands off policy, the left wing has people like Kucinich who want something resembling the continued US action, but in a less pro-Israel way.

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