Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Mostly White National Media Help Cover For Bush

     Headline says Roberts to be quizzed on Bybee memo.  National media almost completely silent on the fact that the current administration appears to have simply hidden or destroyed embarassing affirmative action documents from the records of JG Roberts.

     It's doubly sad for me, because I hadn't actually guessed he was going to be worse than an anti-abortion, anti-feminist, pro-torture, pro-police state, pro-corporate loser.

     The LA Times, for example, runs this story which says things like "library officials ha[ve] failed to find the memo" and "The Reagan library acknowledged the absence of the documents" and "White House officials, asserting that Leahy had no grounds for complaint, provided a copy of an Aug. 15 statement from the archivist of the United States saying that the contents of the affirmative action file had been reconstructed from copies of the documents filed elsewhere."  That's three downtoning comments before we get to the heart of the matter, as explained by Senator Leahy yesterday.  The Bush adminstration reviewers _saw_ the document, and then lost it. 

     Now, I personally tend to believe that GW Bush wants to downplay his parties recent racist past, and instead focus on the imaginary sky fairy.  But that means maybe he shouldn't be burying embarassing documents. 

     So, if the Bush administration had to bury these affirmative action documents, we can assume JG Roberts is really "white."

     The mostly-white, national media is ignoring the story.  Document shredding isn't important anymore, as long as it is the Bush administration's tail that is being saved from the chopper.

     And the LA Times seems best.  SF Chron makes it sound like all of Roberts affirmative action documents have been exposed.  USA Today, the most widely read newspaper in America, also fails to mention it.  The NY Times totally covers for the Bush administration, calling the missing documents "los[t]."  This has always been the case.  The NY Times in another peice again covers for the Bush administration, by mentioning the affirmative action memos that have been released without discussing those that have been hidden.

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