Saturday, August 20, 2005

This Made Me Mad/Sad

     A PhD from Pomona establishes the degree of voter fraud in the 2004 election.

     In other news, which doesn't even come close to counter-balancing the above allegations (which must have been managed by government officials) one woman, Constance Milstein, who in the last six years has given $300,000 to the Democrat Party (and reportedly held a large Al Gore fundraiser), settled out of court for a $5,000 the charges that she arranged to give people ten people packs of cigarettes for votes.  In Wisconsin, which JF Kerry won by 11,384 votes. 

     I guess since, 40 years ago, JF Kennedy's people in Chicago stole an election, the Republicans have carte blance for a century or more.

     I read that the Milstein family is worth 5 billion dollars.  I think that's another reason the Republicans should support an estate tax.

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