Friday, December 05, 2003

CHANGE the John Birch Society
It's not like they didn't want to do the right thing. What are the John Birch Society(JBS)? I think the most relevant aspect of the story is the founder, of whom I know few, but important, things about. Almost unrelated to the JBS is Mr. Welch's belief that salesmanship was the "uniquely, American art." Salesmanship and Capitalism, certainly, have a symbiotic relationship. He also seemed to believe that the enemy was Communism, and the group tended to paint anyone to the political "left" of Barry Goldwater as a communist sumpathizer. Technically, and in only the most abstract sense, Mr. Welch was entirely wrong. Communism was, at best, the name the enemy gave itself. Our government tries to be "propagandistic." Who wouldn't try to be, well, upbeat. Totalitarianism is the enemy, Republicanism is our cause. The conflict was never directly about Capitalism and Salesmanship Vs. Communism and Central Planning.

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