Wednesday, December 17, 2003

I Hate Cato
Mostly because 95% of the time they shill for the billionaire bandwagon. Yesterday they had a conference on Iraq. They had a Cato guy up there talking about how he was against the war. His position was very similar to mine, although he is far more willing to debate whether or not Iraq was a threat, he does not believe it was. His name was Charles Pena, and he obviously wasn't a junior guy there. He concluded, however, in sharp contrast to my own views, that our only current interest in Iraq is to make sure the next regime does not connect to any terrorists. Col. Allard (Ret.) was also there, and he claimed that our only interest was to make sure it didn't end up like "Islamic" Iran (which is really just a fusion Theocracy-Republic, and that votes pro-Western with 75%+ supermajorities of the population). Sounds like they were both thinking of re-hiring Saddam, who did well at stopping terrorist ties and opposing Iran.

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