Monday, December 15, 2003

Last Press Conference of 2003
The President mentioned on good thing about the actual state of the Iraqis, that the US is spending more on health care than Saddam did. He didn't even come close to saying Iraqis have better health care, just that we are spending more. Then he goes off into this long, intentionally conflation of Saddam and the War on Terror, which Bush alleges does not exist. We are a better nation this year, did you know? WE BECAME A BUNCH OF IMPERIALIST BASTARDS. President Bush the liar said we now have "protection of children from partial birth abortion." WHAT AN IDIOT! Children don't die from partial birth abortion. Bush sighs audibly during the first question, but the press corps ignored it. After dissing international law, he suggests Saddam's trial will "that will stand international scrutiny" Bush now reminds Americans how Saddam gassed people, killed people, and had rape rooms. Of course, that mostly happened when his Daddy was sending him bombs, but that's not the point, and the press corps will ignore it. "what matters now is the view of iraqi citizens" How many Iraqi citizens have you ever spoken to? He shakes his head when he said "a timetable" was a completely absurd thing for the press corps to ask. "over 60 nations involved now" "we've got a large coalition" I wonder how many of those 60 nations would have joined up if Bush had never lied about the WMD? He claims, falsely, that a democratic, stable regime in the middle of the Middle East is in the interests of all Nations. This is not so, and the proof is very easy to see. It is in America's interest to have this be so, that we can agree on. But why would it be in the interest of China or Russia to have America succeed in Iraq? Neither they, nor France nor Germany, wanted this war in the first place, and they reject the idea that America should go bomb whoever it wants in order to convert them into Democracy. Actually, this has never worked, Germany and Japan surrendered and negotiated a deal. He released another massive sigh, press corps ignored. He said "I will never forget the lessons of Sept. 11th, 2001" Listen, moron, the lesson of Sept. 11th is that there is an alternative ending to a hijacking scenario. You don't fly commercial, so you don't have to care. Bush is saying there will be a debate SOMETIME IN THE FUTURE, he hopes to explain how an Iraq war made America safer. He is the biggest idiot I have EVER seen in high public office. "We do have a plan to cut the deficit in half." I guess it is secret! When asked about WMD... BUSH INSTANTLY TURNED THE CONVERSATION TO 9/11! WHAT A STUPID SACK OF HAMMERS! He says the whole world thought Saddam was a threat for 12 years. Saddam was a threat to Bush! He had to bring up the sixty nations in Iraq three or four times. He brought up Sept. 11th (The day when no WMD were used, the day no Iraqis flew planes into American icons) several times.

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