Monday, December 08, 2003

That Ends That
Gore Backs Dean It's nice not to have to worry anymore, isn't it? The recent announcement that former Vice President Gore will be endorsing Howard Dean for Democratic nominee has ended, for now, any debate about the course of the next eight or nine months, on the road to the Boston Democratic Convention in August. The story can be observed from many angles, here are a few. The Representative of the Process When Vice President Gore conceded the 2000 Presidential election, he became an international symbol of the respect for the institution of elections. As Vice President, he stood at the Speaker's desk in the U.S. House and had to read the votes of for the victor, and deny every motion to challenge the Florida results which changed his 281-246 victory into defeat. If you have any doubt of this, please see Governor of Florida Jeb Bush's multi-minute praise of Gore's concession. This is the most important sense of Gore's endorsement, and it is the central factor which clinches the nomination for Dean. Green'ish Gore for Green Mountain Dean Gore was known for being in the liberal half of the Democrats, even though he was the founder of the Democratic Leadership Conference(DLC), an organization with obvious centrist leanings. Gore's book, "Earth in the Balance" has the right idea, i.e. we can now easily screw the whole ecosystem, and in America, since we don't have real Communists, Greens are to the left of all of the rest of the left. Looked at this way, Gore's endorsement is only the Green left of the Democrats endorsing another "Green," although Dean is considered leftist solely because he is from the traditionally leftist State of Vermont, home of the greatest number of volunteers for the U.S. Civil War. I'm left wondering How well did Gore research the subject? I hope I find out.

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