Monday, December 01, 2003

OK, this is too much
I think both sides of the current US v Terrorists war are thoughtlessly murderous numbskulls. I rarely address the Arab world's issues re: the World, for the obvious reasons that
  • I am not from there, having only visited once
  • I am responsible, at most, for what goes on in my neck of the worlds, not who runs your country (unless I get a great opportunity to help)
But, having just listened to the Nov 26, 2003 C-SPAN of a panel discussion including Adib Fahra, a Professor at the Lebanese American University, I can't stay silent anymore. What did he say, that just is too bad? He said that Israeli members of the US Foreign Policy machine would "veto" any efforts to deal with Palestine in anything but the Israeli way. This instantly reminded me of outgoing 20+ year Malaysian President Mohammed Mahathir's comments, when he also made strong connections between Israel and the US. Like I've said before(?this blog?), and as President Stephen Grover Cleveland said 105 years ago (@ Mt. Holyoke, middle of para. 6) most anyone is free to come to this country, and publish what their pocketbooks, or others, will let them publish, including anti-Eskimo screeds bordering on the eye-bleeding ;) As a result of this great freedom, naturally and expectedly, for the last 55+ years (probably beginning with pro-intervention 39-41 Hollywood movies) people with a viewpoint have had the power to publish their views, directly or subtly. For various reasons, some legitimate (Israel has elections), and some not (the others are Muslims), these sympathies have generally been accepted by a large portion of the American public. What else do Americans know? I ask the Arab world... Do you make productions for the English language world on what you would like to present on your world? Would American TV stations even show this stuff? Nowadays? Maybe. I hope so. Dear Arab World. Our foreign policy is influenced by anyone with a voice and a platform. Our foreign policy has not been, consistently, handled brilliantly. Americans have consistently been more interested in their own issues than foreign policy. This, I promise, to try to work on, within my country. Jews don't run America, mmm'kay ? I only bring it up because Professor Farha was otherwise so exceptional. For him to have suggested that, well, it was a bit heartbreaking.

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