Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Convoy Crew Opens Up
I got this link via Marine's Girl, an article from STFF, an alleged quote from someone at a recent battle in Samarra...
The ROE under "Iron Fist" is such that the US soldiers are to consider buildings, homes, cars to be hostile if enemy fire is received from them (regardless of who else is inside. It seems too many of us this is more an act of desperation, rather than a well thought out tactic. We really don't know if we kill anyone, because we don't stick around to find out. Since we armored troops and we are not trained to use counter-insurgency tactics;
I think ROEs (Rules of Engagement) are very important. In fact, at the blood & dirt level of the occupation, nothing is more important, other than the actual servicemembers involved. It is part of the fundamental difference between servicemembers and police, police have beats, sericemembers have ROEs. Cops deal with civilians, soldiers confront enemies. The fact that the convoy was carrying a lot of currency can not be ignored. That it was a larger scale offensive on the part of the rebels seems very likely.

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