Wednesday, December 10, 2003

To Mr. Robert Somerby
Could the laugh fest get any bubblier? In case our intelligence hadn't been insulted enough, not only is Gore "disloyal" for not endorsing Sen. Lieberman, but the (plumpening?) Dick Morris was on hand for Fox & Friends in order to explain, "if any one can," Gore's possible secret plans in endorsing Dean
    Let's ignore
      Dean has been consistently anti-war

      Lieberman was one of ten Senators, and the only Democrat, to sign a letter to President Bush urging a war in Iraq back in October, 2001

      Dean has rallied the technological generation to his side

      Lieberman's campaign is moribund, and floundering

      Gore's own explanation, i.e. Dean's success rocking the base

So, what was really going on? Mr. Morris, permanent Clinton expert, ruined if someone outside the Clinton circle becomes President, said he knew of "many things going on here"
    Gore was taking a stab at the Clintons (the Presidential Winkie theory of politics = Clinton is the reason for the Season)

    Gore is trying to position himself as the darling of the left, positing, I shit you not, that an early Dean endorsement followed by a Dean loss to Bush will improve Gore's profile for 2008 (as if picking losers (and Dean is twice assured to be a candidate who can't win) endears us to one!)

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