Monday, December 08, 2003

Mike Leavit, former Utah Governor, Enivornmental Protection Agency Adminsitrator
This morning he appeared on Washington Journal, the C-SPAN morning call-in show. A caller asked why if trasmitting AIDS is a crime (knowingly infecting someone) why isn't air pollution (specifically, mercury poisoning, which can kill) prosecuted the same way? Then the caller said something really cool, but I have no idea whether it was true or not. Did James Watt (Reagan EPA Administrator) really think the End Timestm were coming, and that there was no need to protect the environemnt? In any event, let's look at Mr. Leavitt's answer. Mr. Leavitt began by explaining how mercury poisoning happens. It turns out that the main avenue of mercury into our bodies is through fish... the power plants (which I think he acknowledged produced most of it, through the burning of fossil fuels) send their waste into the sky, it travels, and it lands on a body of water... Mr Leavitt actually said that it was not a deliberate act. Yeah, I guess those fucking power companies just ACCI-FUCKING-DENTALLY produce power. They aren't deliberately in business.

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