Friday, December 26, 2003

The Paris Flak, and spin
The US called France and had them cancel six flights to America on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day (why not twelve?). The main source of the US claim was that a Tunisian man who had a pilot's license, who was not booked on any of the flights. The Fox news reporter on television actually suggested that this shows how close Franco-American intelligence relations are, while everyone who knows sees it more as a blatant poke in the eye at Bush-hated France. Then, minutes later, going to commercial, the main central banner declares "PLOT FOILED" while the voiceover asks (close paraphrase)"Did the Bush administration foil a terrorist plot on Christmas Eve? And was it the right thing to do?" Who questions the President? Opponents question the President. Opponents are asking if it was OK for the President to save Christmas? That's what FOX wants you to think. But it's all a lie.

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