Tuesday, December 30, 2003

Stop Afghani Literacy!
Imagine what would happen if they learned to read and they read the writings of American luminaries like Thomas Jefferson!
Shall ... any other nation come at pleasure into our territory, and lay hold of whomsoever she pleases, under the pretence that this man is her subject, and that man is in her employ; that here there is a felon, and there a deserter? Our national ships are our territory, in whatever quarter of the world they are found; much more so, then, when within our own acknowledged limits and juridiction. We care not who the men that were demanded from the Chesapeake; we care not whence they came [ed: not even Saudi Arabia], where they were born [ed: not even Yemen], nor who claimed allegiance from them [ed: not even Talebani Afghanistan]. Had they fled from Europe [ed: or the WTC] stained with blood, no foreign force had a right to invade our territory; no foreign officer, civil or military, had a right to exercise his functions without our limits, or to transport the supposed offender to the precincts of a distant tribunal
(emphasis mine) The last thing in the world we would want is Afghanis thinking that foreigners oughtn't come into their country and grab whomsever they please. From a letter from President TH. Jefferson to the Congress, October 27th, 1807 Here's a website with all the old congressional records.

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