Wednesday, December 24, 2003

A Free Defense for Bush
What is our responsibility to the Iraqi people, to the State of Iraq? How does this responsibility change if no WMD are ever found? Whatever our responsibility to the Iraqi people, and I'd argue they should be given at least as much consideration as a Puerto Rican, a U.S. possession (for that is what it is in fact, regardless what new lingo some Bush-spinner decides to call it, there is no new fascism, just new names for it), finding, or not finding, WMD doesn't seem to change it. It's almost like getting married because you think she's pregnant. If she's not, you are still married. However, international "divorce" exists, and Bush would love to have one before Nov. 2004. Look for a lot of talk about a trial separation. We did not fight the war in Iraq to control Iraq. The only rational, pro-American policy is to relinquish control to the most responsible party ASAP. If you think Bremer is responsible, you are hopeless.

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