Wednesday, December 24, 2003

The Political Paradox of Truth
The political "conservatives" are correct, every loss in American history is because of "liberals" telling everyone about the awful things the "conservatives" do. And the liberals, among whom I'd like to count myself, promise to stop this anti-American behavior, the very second the right stops undermining the respectability of the United States by engaging in barbarous, insanely primitive and illegal acts (i.e. we will stop speaking anti-American when they stop acting anti-American). Machiavelli was an idiot. He had no grasp, in the first decades after the end of the Dark Ages, of what was going on around him, and his guess, that the Prince rules by Fear, was in fact a simple misapprehension of his society, and, specifically, the foundation of Medici rule/control over/of Florence and it's Hereditary Oligarchy. In any event, his philandering alone should keep his tome out of the hands of drooling conservative robots. The final word on the Prince is that is the handbook of fucking Tyranny. I'm currently engaged in a slow effort to get the Prince removed from my Alma Mater's reading lists, to have it replaced with, of course, Montesquieu!

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