Wednesday, December 10, 2003

John Kerry's Nashua Firehouse Chili Speech
Perhaps the fire in his belly was there solely because he'd been eating chili, but if some of the attendees thought the chili wasn't hot enough, no one felt that way about his speech. This was the experienced Senator opening up, speaking with passion. An attendee came up afterwords and said how he should just be himself, and how much better tonight he was than when he had been on television. She was wrong, he was just not so good before tonight, as far as I've seen. He basically said that for everything Bush has ever done, there was a better way, which is certainly not only always true, but particularly true. UPDATE: At the end, the C-SPAN segment moderator (not Peter, not Pedro, not Brian L.) asked Kerry an anti-Dean question... giving Kerry a chance to take a stab at Dean without Dean around for a rebuttal. Kerry spun his standard line, that Dean had changed his mind in his life (thank Goodness Kerry was born with his views). Thanks Kerry, because of this, your 1+ hour performance was reduced on Fox News to the single story that Dean is a waffler.

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