Tuesday, December 30, 2003

Do I Believe This?
Corporations Aren't Person. Well, surely they aren't. Corporations must all die, or divide, after 115 years, and there better be a good reason if they are not after ninety. Hey, wait, corporate regulation talk isn't going to get me ratings! Teenagers in Love Frolicking on the Beach Threatened by Saddam Hussein! The living dead are rising and telling Americans to vote against President Bush! God has sent the message out to the Faithful(R)(tm) to look busy, because Jesus is coming! Life could be a whole lot more exciting, with a ton more factions, half of them militarized, all of them angry... or we could just take boring. Too bad McGovern didn't win, because Watergate had already happened, the inevitable was coming on that score. Too bad "boring" Gore didn't win, because the plans for the most succesful attack on America in history were already on their way, maybe even would have been stopped. In this light, the choice of currently hawkish Senator Joe Lieberman for VP in 2000 makes sense, doesn't it? Gore wouldn't have been sitting on some council of Dove's, his own VP was one of the guys gunning for both the Afghan and Iraqi wars. I'm sorry I'm dreaming so much.

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