Tuesday, December 23, 2003

So, U Tink U Sum Kind Of Classical American Liberal?
Avid readers of Montesquieu...
    Thomas Jefferson (DR-VA) (author: Declaration of Indie-ness, Pres. #3)

    John Adams (F-MA) (author: Mass. Constitution, Pres #2)

    James Madison (DR-VA) (author: Constitution, Fed. Papers, Pres #4)

    Alexander Hamilton (F-NY) (author: Fed Papers, Sec of Treasury)

    John Jay (F-NY, author: Fed Papers, Supreme Court Justice)

Montesquieu, from the Preface
I beg one favor of my readers, which I fear will not be granted me; this is, that they will not judge by a few hours' reading of the labor of twenty years, that they will approve or condemn the book entire, and not a few particular phrases
with that in mind, from the author's Explanatory Notes
For the better understanding of the first four books of this work, it is to be observed that what I distinguish by the name of virtue, in a republic, is the love of one's country, that is, the love of equality. It is not a moral, nor a Christian virtue, but a political virtuel and it is the spring which sets the republican government in motion[.]
All authors should have that first bit in their introductions, or at least want it.

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