Sunday, December 14, 2003

Silly Easterbrook, Sillier Publisher
Tacitus blog writes that the real Bush administration record on the environment is FABOO! Absolutely the shiznit fizzle dit sweetwater. Bird Dog cites three things, all from a Easterbrook piece which says three things Bush deserves to get credit for, namely
He ordered that diesel fuel be reformulated to reduce its inherent pollution content ... He ordered that new diesel trucks and buses meet significantly stricter emissions standards ... Third, he imposed new emissions standards on a range of previously unregulated machines -- construction vehicles, outboard motors, all-terrain vehicles and others.
Simply refutable, I think, is #1, which this Truthout article shows was actually a Clinton proposal that Bush decided to follow through with, and not a Bush initiative at all. Here is proof that outboard motors, unlike Easterbrook the liar's contention, WERE PREVIOUSLY REGULATED. Will ANY portion of Easterbrook and Tacitus' claim hold water? We tend to doubt it. I am going to have to do some research on the remaining point, the diesel engine standards, over at the EPA, to compare the proposed and final rules, to see what Bush has "added" to the Clinton-era proposal, which shows that, at least, NONE of the initiatives came from the Bush administration, unless the diesel engine rule is somehow wholly removed from the Clinton EPA proposal.

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