Tuesday, December 09, 2003

Dean Gets Gore For '04
Still working on this... feel free to comment. The Universe is a bit of a sloppy mess. There is no grand order to things, and despite what some people staking their reputations on a good hunch, or human forgetfulness, nothing in this world is pre-ordained. I see how nobody would want this to be the case, it is a useless explanation of things, lacking any inherent truth, justice or apple pie. Perhaps though, by being honest, it will let you get the answers you can. In a room lacking overhead lights, strangely dark at nine in the morning, a woman's voice singing a song that might have been the Cranberries or Sarah McLachlan, and then someone from the Harlem community took the stage and introduced the Doctor, who, in turn, introduced Gore. The event leaves me with a strange feeling, in part because of strange lighting, in part because C-SPAN cut away to talk to Ryan Lizza, an assoc. editor at the National Review (compared to Albert Gore, Jr?), so I had to switch to Fox to catch the rest, in part because I'm still not 100% convinced that the party in the White House will change hands, no matter how much the former Vice President and I wish it to be so. I couldn't help notice that Gore's hair was longer than usual, and hadn't been washed. I am sincerely hoping it was because the two gentlemen were up until the wee hours talking, which brings me to my next point. Dean mentioned he and Gore had been in talking for some time, perhaps for several months, and he mentioned foreign policy as one topic. The overall implication is that the Doctor had accepted phone calls from Mr. Gore, and had talked to him at length, and that perhaps the initial, or some subsequent phone calls, had been initiated by Dean. This probably has more to do with Dean's current occupation, unemployed, than anything else, and perhaps Gore was bowled over in a pattern of interest similar to that felt by the head of the SEIU. Bringing this up for a while, but, it isn't like the run-up to the war, when everyone (at least the some women) should have known we were going to be fucked, since he kept talking to us, and talking to us, and he would never bring us anything new, but his friends would talk to us, it was like the American Public said "Go ahead and do it already," and I have to admit to being partially inspired by Freeway blogging criminal who posted "We are all wearing the blue dress now." One of the things Mr. Dean let slip in his introduction to the former Vice President and Senator was This morning, in a very dark room, packed with people, many holding cameras above their heads, Albert Gore Jr., and Howard Dean shared the stage and lifted their hands together. This author, of course, is simply proud to have Vermont's three electoral votes in the column he votes for, come November. Well, we've convinced Democrats TM to choose Howard Dean, now on to the Rep Arguing from adverse consequences, if Dean doesn't win, all the children in America are going to be unhappy for the rest of their lives.

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